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COMSEA sp. z o.o.
ul. Hutnicza 3
81-212 Gdynia, PL
Tel. +48 58 781 28 00
Fax +48 58 781 28 28

About us

Comsea is a subsidiary of EPA sp. z o.o., established in March 1988 in Szczecin.
Branch Office Gdynia has been established at the beginning of the 90's
and transformed into an independent entity - EPA Gdynia sp. z o.o. - in 2001.
Due to extension of our offer in 2010 EPA Gdynia has been rebranded
to COMSEA sp. z o.o.

We are experts in the field of radio navigation, radio communication and satellite communication,
providing professional design and maintenance services.
We are capable of completing the most advanced designs.

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